About company

Our company works since 1996 in sphere of hunting and tourism. For this time we have accepted many tourists from the different countries, on different types of hunting and kinds of tourism. For example:

  • Big hunting: the Dagestan Tur, a wild boar.
  • Small hunting: ducks, geese, partridges, a female quail.
  • The falconry

If will interest you, what or type of hunting in Azerbaijan contact us, also our company organizes the VIP hunting worldwide.

Besides hunting our company is always glad to receive visitors from any country of the world and to show Azerbaijan in its all beauty.

We organize:

  • Beach rounds
  • Children's rounds
  • Historical rounds
  • A jeep safari
  • The pedestrian campaigns
  • Horse rounds
  • Entertaining rounds

And also silent quiet rest on coast of the rivers and large forests.

Having arrived to us as the visitor you it is obligatory go as the friend!

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