Hunting in Africa

The republic of South Africa for today is one of the most popular hunting places in the world. Heightened interest to hunting is caused both a variety and quality of trophies, and a high level of the organization of hunting. The state policy of the republic of South Africa is directed on development of hunting in this country. Owing to it number of the hunting animals in this country for last 15 years has increased almost in 4 times. It is the unique country where it is possible to extract all representatives, The big African five, We can prepare hunting specially by your inquiry. As various kinds of animals meet in different provinces of the republic of South Africa various climatic and landscape conditions, we can organize hunting in provinces of Limpopo, Northern Keyp.


Comfortable accommodation with all convenience. Hunters and it is simple observers and even the whole families will feel comfortably in two and three local numbers, in each cottage there is a bedroom, a bathroom with a bath, a shower, cold and hot water, a toilet, an electricity. In territory a loggia the open swimming pool, a bar, "boma" - a national place for a barbecue, the open small house for a breakfast and lunch on open air, a "trophy" room of rest with the TV. A wide choice local dishes (by inquiry vegetarian or any dietary feed can be organized), service of the parlourmaid, a laundry. You as, can easily contact any point of the world I use "Roaming" (Roaming). At your order three zones, so a choice for you. As we shall organize " Green hunting" on the rhinoceros.

East Mpumalanga. You will find extensive meadows In this zone small small rivers and tropical bushes. Many various antelopes and zebras. Just as giraffes and кейп Buffalo. It would be desirable to note presence of the white rhinoceros

Northern Кeyp - desert the Penalty. The combination of mountain district to a floor deserted Here takes place. Therefore to hunt other animals are possible basically on antelopes You as can extract here orexa

Limpopo. Hunting in sand Кalahari, but on the river Limpopo. Here there are savannas and district opened enough. Here too the set of various antelopes plus “Seybl” that is interesting enough.

The period of hunting: Hunting is spent to the republic of South Africa all-the-year-round, the best period March - December

 Zone of hunting: East Mpumalanga(7.000 hectares), Northern Keip (20.000 hectares), Limpopo (25.000 hectares),

Accommodation: cottages with all convenience

 Duration of hunting: 7 or-15 days.


Group:1 - 6 hunters

 Transport on hunting: jeeps with a cabin for 4 person and a greater body which is specially equipped by two soft seats and special fastening for the weapon.

Support on hunting: РН-профессинальный the hunter and 1-2 pathfinders

Recommended clothes: Convenient and easy, from strong, but thin, not reflecting light and not brilliant material of color khaki or other protective painting. Long trousers and shirts with a long sleeve are ideal. The warm jacket, a warm and easy sweater, gloves in the winter is necessary. The footwear should be convenient. As in camp daily washing is organized, a lot of spare clothes to take it is not necessary.

Day time average temperature: the Summer in the republic of South Africa is necessary for the period from October till March, and temperature not stayble on the average between 15 With a night and 35 With day. The winter lasts from April till September with temperature within the limits of from 0 With and below at night up to 20 With at midday
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