Hunting in Azerbaijan

Falconry Hunting in Azerbaijan

 Our company organizes falconry in Azerbaijan. We provide professional and the best service for our clients. Arriving at the airport the client is welcomed through VIP entrance. Due to wish the client may stay in 4-star  "Hunting-Day". Hotel for the first and last days of his visit to Azerbaijan.

You can hunt to 7 kinds of birds in Azerbaijan. (See below the graphic). Hubara (carwan) is placed in 5 regions of Azerbaijan. The radius of hunting places in these regions is very extensive. That gives You a great opportunity to have an interesting hunting. The hunting lasts 15 days.

Our professional and experienced hunters will accompany You. Accommodation during the hunting will be provided in 4 - 5 star hotels in the hunting regions. You can highly appreciate the professionally prepared dishes by our cook. Our company guarantees interesting and fascinating hunting for the clients. Enjoy the hunting with us.



 Hunting Wild-boar





   Wild boar - from the class of ungulate animal, pig family, species of Hog. A man can find it very often in Azerbaijan. Especially in the districts of Ismaily, its length is more than 1.5 m, weight can reach 250 kg. Even it may be 300-320 kg , at the peak of physical prime, while it is 5-6 years old. Wild boar has redoubtable fangs (particularly lower). Its length is about 24-25 cm, turned in semicircle. Boar's has fine hearing and smelling system, although it possesses poor eyesight. During windy nights it is possible to approach them closely. However they can see moving objects.Wild boars live in various conditions from the dark coniferous woods to the reeds. In reeds it feed off the roots and sappy epigenous, moreover with carrions, larva, mice, mushrooms, eggs of birds, cubs of animal.

Their stomach is very important to digest the food. Wild boar is able to roam from place to place (20-40 km/h) and go away 200 km. They are active while twilight, sometimes in the night and at dawn. The animal is sensitive to the incidents in the surroundings. They have perfect memory and orientation. For lying they use den, which is made in autumn and winter. To construct a den wild boar uses dry grass and cane. As usual a den is set in depths of forests, edge of certain roads. One he-boar can have from 1-3 to 5-6 she boars. For movement wild boar uses not only two middle fingers but also side fingers (1st and 4th). Its hoof is bigger than that of similar animals and makes movement much easier.

Wild boar leaves imprints under the both sides of the hoof, not at the backside like a deer. The size of imprints may reach15-18 cm. The length of the boar's step is about 40-50 cm (in slow movement). Wild boar jumps 1.5 - 2 m. high. It is no surprise that many hunters do like to hunt the wild boar, to enjoy hunting, as well as to decorate their houses with trophies. So wild boar is always valuable object for hunting from sports and commercial sides. It is great pleasure to invite you to hunt in Azerbaijan and enrich the collection with new trophies





Hunting to stone partridge is very interesting as one part of tricky hunting. The hunter has become some kind of ability like good reaction and sharpness, patience and self-control. We organize hunting Stone Partridge in different regions of Azerbaijan. The national park in Gakh and Khizi districts are the best places in Azerbaijan for hunting to Stone Partridge. We make all conditions for this kind of hunting. You will be accompanied with experienced hunter and guide "Dino". You can bring own dogs, as well as it is provided by our side too. 

The hunters are accommodated at comfortable
hotel & cottages. The place for hunting is very large, or this reason You can change hunting places every day, exactly the mountains and hills nearly situated. It is important to note that due to certain kind of hunting You may gain well physical form of body. During hunting you are waiting for the flight of Stone Partridge, thinking that your rifle is always ready to shot. Like other kids of hunting, you will be provided with all conditions (pick up service from airport, accommodation and board, transport, etc.) Do not lose your chance to make an enjoyment from the hunting and check your self-control and reaction

Dagestan Tur Hunting in Azerbaijan 

Дагестанский тур

Eastern Dagestan Tur - capra cylinricornis - from the group of ungulate animal, oxen family, genus of mountain goat. Azerbaijan is good place for hunting for sports and business purpose. Hunting of goat - one of the most fascinating kind of sports hunting. We organize hunting for TUR in the best please in Azerbaijan- Babadag mountain and area calls Ismaily, but we organize hunting in Kuba zone also. The length of ours Tur's horn is about 80- 90 sm. One time here was shot TUR with horns size of about 1 meter 12 sm.

Many hunters aspire to hunt in this region and with pride show their trophies to friends. We offer you good opportunity or hunting in Azerbaijan. We create good conditions for certain purposes. Meeting at the airport where you and all your equipments will be met and delivered to your arrival hotel. Departure for hunting depends on what time you will arrive to Azerbaijan. Arriving at late hours, pre-night hours hunter offered to stay in our 4-star "Hunting-Day" Hotel, but if hunter arrives in the morning he will be taken to first camp by Jeeps, which is located in mountains, then by horse or truck he will be taken to second camp from where the hunting region starts. The hunting is realized by two methods (driven and stalking). So the hunter may himself select the method to hunt.

Our huntsmen have great experience in hunting the Turs. The hunting lasts 5-7 days. At the end of you can easily take your trophies and decorate with them your house or office. Our company offers you all condition in order you to get maximum enjoyment from the hunting, experienced staff, professional interpreters, and guides, the professional cooker, the taste of meals he prepared will not keep you indifferent. It should be mentioned that hunting of "Dagestan Tur" has to be reserved in advance. Don't forget to take warm clothes. Do not miss your opportunity to enrich your trophy collection.


Duck Hunting  

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