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 Hunting - a craft or the entertainment consisting in search, tracing, prosecution and extraction (that is capture or killing) some kinds of wild animals. Trade hunting serves to take advantage of products, an animal empire (meat, fat, fur, a leather, a bone, a horn, down, a feather and so forth). Its purpose can be also destruction of the dangerous, harmful or excessively bred animals. Catching of animals concerns to hunting alive for cultivation, moving in other district, for use in circuses and zoos, for scientific researches and т also. Item


In a primitive society the purpose of hunting could be also execution of any ceremonies and rituals. The person was engaged in hunting since prehistoric times. With development of a human society ways and the purposes of hunting varied. In a primitive society hunting was one of the basic sources of food, and also was a part of ceremonies and rituals. Various kinds of the hunting entertainments further have developed, hunting became entertainment of aristocrats. Now there is a plenty of the hunting organizations, and manufacturing and sale охотничего stock is business.


In the first period of the development hunting was the main source of livelihood of many people; then in process of opening new sources of existence, and also in process of destruction dangerous to a life and hunting gradually fades into the background of cattle breeding of wild animals, remaining, however, on force of a habit and congenital hereditary need one of the main pleasures. In that and other case hunting was not a subject to any restriction, and everyone could hunt, when, where and as it is necessary for it. In the beginning of XX century hunting kept similar character, for example, in Siberia, in the British possession of Northern Africa.

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