Hunting in Russia


Hunters unanimously name peninsula Kamchatka the bear bastion. It is plain truth. Remoteness of Kamchatka from all world, its climatic conditions and sparsely populated spaces, less than 1 person on км2, have made its place of dwelling for Ursusarctospiscator which is one of the largest in the world of brown bears. The average weight камчатскогомедведя reaches from 300 up to 600 kg., the size of its skin of the adult самца makes from 270 up to 310 see Thus, these bears are larger, than on Chukotka, in Magadan or Khabarovsk territory.

 To extract a large trophy, it is necessary to hunt in the spring. At this time a skin of a bear in the best condition - long and dense after hibernation.

 During spring hunting the district is covered by a snow, therefore hunters use skis or snowmobiles. At sea coast I use тся also small motor boats. After hunting it is possible to bathe in thermal sources, to examine the well-known Kamchatka volcanos, to visit a valley of geysers, to try traditional meal - red caviar, the Kamchatka crabs and a smoked salmon. Our partners - the present professionals in hunting for a brown bear, annually at their participation it is extracted tens large trophies

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