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Tourism - time departures (travel) of people other country or the district which is distinct from a permanent address for the term of from 24 o'clock till 6 months or with fulfilment not less of one spending the night in entertaining, improving, sports, guest, cognitive, religious and other purposes without employment by activity, paid from a local source. The person making such travel, call the tourist Since the most ancient times set of people sent to travel with the purpose of knowledge of the world and opening of new territories, with trading, diplomatic, military, religious and other missions. All these travellers required the certain services from local population by way of accommodation, a feed, etc.


Historically the first enterprises of the industry of tourism of steel the taverns had doubtful reputation of brothels. Pilgrims going to Rome on celebrating of 1300. During antique times the basic motives of travel were trade, formation, pilgrimage, treatment. In the Ancient Greece sports trips (Olympic Games) have arisen also. Development of trade has led to mass construction of roads, inns, taverns. Some inns on luxury did not differ from houses of rich people. The Roman aristocracy actively participated in recreational travel - on the country houses, to the sea, in mountains.


In the east to antiquities travelled caravans on camels. Spent the night in tents or in a caravan-sheds (an inn with a shelter for animals). The degree of service was much more above, than in the Europe because of more active trade.

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