Hunting in Turkey


Turkey it not only the country for beach rest, but also the country with fine opportunities for trophy hunting. Annually Turkey some thousand foreign hunters, their purpose - hunting on безоарового a goat visit, a wild boar, a chamois, these are the basic hunting kinds of animals by which Turkey is interesting.Bezor  goat, perhaps, is the most beautiful of representatives of mountain goats. Hunting for it is very fascinating. The average alive weight hot is within the limits of 90-100 kg, average is long horns - 95-100 see   with length of horns 120-125 sm make 10-15 from total of extracted trophies. Annual allocation of the limited quantity of licenses practises Turkey for hunting in protected territories where there are exclusively large copies - 130-140 see

Terms of hunting: from August, 15th till February, 28th

Hunting: In searches trophy рогачей all light time of day is used. Moving in угодьях is possible, basically, only on foot. With accommodation use of flying camps practises tent or a tent. As a rule, in them you should test Spartan conditions. For delivery of products and sleeping bags in keep on the open rocky sites, and also in a wood zone of mountains at height of 2 000-2 500 m. In searches of animals are surveyed places of feedings, and sites where hotter have a rest in the afternoon. An average distance of a shot 200 - 250 m. For definition of distance of a shot are important to use a range finder. The organization of hunting for a wild boar or анатолийскую a chamois is in passing possible.

Area of hunting: the Basic areas of hunting are: Antalia, Adana, Selifke, Irzurum.

Accommodation: Depending on area of hunting it can be hotel or the rented house. From August till December are used flying camp. A climate: From the beginning of a season up to the middle of November good, warm weather keeps. From the middle of October rains start to go. In Antalia a climate mediterranean
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